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Institute of Pharmacy, Pune

Social Events

S.No. Event Description
1. Registration Camp of Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council, Mumbai on 05/11/2014 Diploma, Degree Holders, PPP Card Renewal done by total 322 students from Maharashtra
2. Donation to Maitri Foundation for their Melghat Project. For Malnutrition Childrens of Melghat region, Students of this Institute collected funds of Rs.55,555/- & donated by the auspicious hands of Mr. Masal B.R., Joint Commissioner, F.D.A., Pune to Maitri Foundation on 08/01/2015.
3. Donation to flood affected people of Uttarakhand. Students of this institution collected various cloths & food articles from community such as Cereals, Rice, Jawar , Wheat etc. & given to Maitri Group, Pune to donate affected peoples of Uttarakhand.
Social Event
Social Event
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