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Institute of Pharmacy, Pune


Class Rooms
The class rooms are provided with Over Head Projector, Slide Projector
Number of Class Rooms 2
Lecture Hall No.1 89.93 Sq. m.
Lecture Hall No.2 67.53 Sq. m.
  • Number of Tutorial Rooms and size of each:
  • No.: 01, Size: 67.98 Sq. m.
  • Number of Laboratories and size of each:04
Sr.No. Name of the Laboratories Size in Sq.m.
1 Pharmaceutics 75.62
2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 78.57
3 Physiology, Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy 75.12
4 Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology & Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy 75.88
Pharmaceutics Lab
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory
Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology and Hospital
& Clinical Pharmacy Lab.
Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacognosy Lab.
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